2º Bachillerato A

May 5th
As I told you this morning, here you have some interesting exercises to IMPROVE YOUR WRITING with the use of CONNECTORS
In case you need them, I also add the PPT for the correction of the sentences we have translated in class using GERUND, TO-INFINITIVE OR ROOT OF THE VERB.
April 27th
At last, here is the exercise about the use of Gerund, to-infinitive or root of the verb (Unit 6 of your book). You have to translate some sentences from Spanish to English. Remember that the structure is not the same in Spanish and in English. That's why it is very important not to think in Spanish and try to translate exactly the structure. You have to know what the structure in English is.

April 16th
To finish the unit about CONDITIONAL CLAUSES I have added some rephrasing using the structure I WISH or IF ONLY. I have also changed the document Conditionals 2 to correct some mistakes and to add some more examples of the 2nd and 3rd type.
Also, here you have a song, WISH YOU WERE HERE by Pink Floyd. And here is some information about the song and the group, PINK FLOYD one of the most famous British bands in history.

Here are the exercises on CONDITIONAL CLAUSES.
The first document, Conditionals 1, is a general review.
I add a second document, Conditionals 2, to have some more new practise.

READING. These are the posters you can see these days on the walls of the corridors. They show some well known British superstitions and are expressed using ZERO CONDITIONALS. Do you know the origin of these superstitions? Click on the link and read about an amazing number of superstitions. There are other links in the section CIENCIA Y PSEUDOCIENCIA.

February 14th
First of all, have a  HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

And now at last a little work about the PASSIVE VOICE. Here you have a lot of REPHRASING for you to practice. It is the Grammar in Unit 6.

February 12th
It's time to learn a little bit more about PHONETICS in order to be ready por the PAEG. The question on Phonetics is COMPULSORY (obligatoria) this year and it represents 1 point in the exam.
So here you have a link to a useful site with a phonetic chart including a lot of exercices which you can practice and correct on the net. It's completely AMAZING! YOU CAN'T MISS IT!
Remember you have to buy the photocopies, too. We will start using them the first day after Carnival.

And I add here the REPHRASING exercices using RELATIVE CLAUSES (unit 4).
Relative clauses 1
Relative clauses 2
I think this weekend the rephrasing on PASSIVE VOICE will be ready, too.

December 21st
1ª CONVOCATORIA: Miércoles 3 de febrero de 2010, a las 8:30 en el Aula de Idiomas.
2ª CONVOCATORIA: Miércoles 14 de abril de 2010, a las 8:30 en el Aula de Idiomas.

Aquí teneis el nuevo modelo de examen de Inglés de PAEG para este curso. NO tendreis que elegir entre dos propuestas de examen. Desaparece el apartado EXPRESSING THE MAIN IDEAS (preguntas para contestar con tus propias palabras) y deberán hacerse todos los ejercicios, sin eliminar ninguno.
Información sobre contenidos y criterios de calificación:
Examen tipo:

I want you to read and write on holidays because you can't "park" your English until next year. So, you can read about Thanksgiving (we haven't had time to talk about it at school, but remember it is the American festival  celebrated on  the fourth Thursday of November, 26th this year) and also about Christmas. There is a strong connection between both festivities, so it's better to read about them together. Next year, in January, you will have a Reading test about what you've read.
you have to watch the PPTs and answer the questions on the separate file (click here for the questions). Here you have the PPTs:
1. Origin of Thanksgiving
2. Thanksgiving through the history
3. Thanksgiving dishes
4. Side dishes
5. Beverages and desserts
6. Decorations
7. Superstition: the lucky bone
8. Thanksgiving today

2. About CHRISTMAS, you just have to read the Quiz (click here) and find the right answers.

December 14th
Everything's so white! Christmas time is so near!!
It's snowing and there is no school!!! (Bring me your Christmas cards tomorrow).
As I'm not working today, I have prepared some READING for you. I suppose you have lots of exams and you can't read it now. But you can find some time on holidays. You will be able to see the links before Cristmas.

December 5th

There is a prize waiting for you. Take part in the CRISTMAS CARDS COMPETITION and win one of the prizes. Here are the rules for the competition. Remember the LAST DAY to hand in your card is December 14th. 

You can have a look at some well known Christmas wishes. You can use them to gather ideas but you mustn't copy them exactly. You must write your own wish.

December 1st
  • Here are the execises I told you I had prepared for you to practise REPORTED SPEECH. Remember you must prepare them at home and we will correct them on Friday.

November 27th
These are some jokes from the book "1,ooo revolting jokes".  Try to tell them in reported speech. I hope you can understand them all.

November 17th
We can read them in class next Tuesday.As we have listened to The Logical Song" by Supertramp in the class, you can follow the links for the first video and the second video and watch them again at home. Remember we were practising the use of sufixes to make adjectives, nouns or adverbs from verbs, from nouns or from adjectives. Here you have a practical chart to have a review at WORD BUILDING. Try to complete it with the lyrics of the song and a dictionary.

November 13th
Do some more exercises to practice REPHRASING about verbal tenses. We will correct them on November 17th.
You can check the answers to the fairy tale The Gingerbread Man and I also let you a link to watch a video (for LISTENING AND READING). And this other video just for LISTENING.

November 10th

Here you have more REPHRASING about verbal tenses, as I promised this morning. We will correct these sentences and the rephrasing about modal verbs on Thursday 12th.

November 5th

Here is the REPHRASING about Modal Verbs for next week. We will correct them all in class next Tuesday.
I have added a FAIRY TALE to complete with the correct Verbal Tenses. Did you know this children's story? I'll give you the answers for you to correct next week. HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

November 4th

You know the most common grammar exercises in PAAU are those of REPHRASING. Here you have some rephrasing about verbal tenses (Starter Unit) for you to practice and also some very common mistakes to correct. Do the exercises to correct them in class on Friday. Tomorrow you will also have some rephrasing about Modal Verbs (unit 2), but those are for next week. I'm sure you'll be able to do them alone. Let's start now!

October 29th
Remember you have to write a composition during this weekend. It must be a HORROR STORY. Follow the link Story starters, choose one of them and write your composition. You can find useful ideas and vocabulary in the entries in the blog about Hallowe'en. You have to bring it on Tuesday, November 3rd. Have a nice weekend and happy Hallowe'en!

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