4º ESO

Here you have more exercises in case you think you need more practice with simple present, present continuous and simple past. Do them and tell me your doubts next day. Don't forget to solve your doubts soon. Click on these links http://db.tt/7aJR7K7 http://db.tt/srvccaw

POETRYHere you have the models you can follow to write your poems, the models we saw in class, with the possibilities you can use to write. Remember that you have to hand it out on Friday 15th. Click on the link http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12737753/poems.pdf

Rephrasing on modals
These are the wsentences we are going to correct tomorrow. You have rephrasing and the second exercise is to use only should and shouldn't, both in every situation.http://db.tt/Y4k0DtE

Exercises on simple past and past continuous

The exercises I told you yesterday. Better late than never. There are exercises of all the tenses we have seen and of modals. This link is for the tenses http://db.tt/am57rEs and this other for the modals http://db.tt/zyKMjGU Enjoy them.

Speaking. At the doctor's

Here you have the models I told to make the dialogues and some instructions to help you. Work hard and good luck. http://db.tt/omQSw4l



These are the exercises of questions that you have to finish and do for Monday. The first is the one we were doing in class, the second is a new one. http://www.englishexercises.org/makeagame/viewgame.asp?id=2612


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