Here you can try again the LISTENING exercises we have done in the exam this morning (March 14th).

EXERCISE 1. "First date" (click on the image)


EXERCISE 2. "My girl" (song)

My girl’s mad (1) ______AT___________ me
I didn’t want (2) _________TO________ see the film tonight
I found (3) __________IT_______ hard to say
She thought I’d had enough (4) __________OF_______ her
Why can’t she see?
She’s lovely (5) _________TO________ me
But I like to stay (6) _____IN____________ and watch TV
(7) ______ON___ my own every now and then
My girl’s mad (8) _______AT__________ me
Been (9) ___________ON___ the telephone (10) ________FOR_____ an hour
We hardly said a word
I tried and tried (11) ________BUT_________ I could not be heard
Why can’t I explain?
Why (12) __________DO_______ I feel this pain?
‘Cos everything I say, she doesn’t understand
She doesn’t realize, she takes (13) _______IT__________ all the wrong way
My girl’s mad (14) __________AT_______ me
We argued just (15) ________THE_________ other night
I thought we’d got it straight
We talked and talked (16) _____UNTIL____________ it was light
I thought we’d agreed
I thought we’d talked it (17) _____OUT____________
Now when I try (18) _________TO________ speak she says that I don’t care
She says I’m unaware and now (19) ______SHE___________ says I’m weak.

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